How can I check in advance if I would get a limit at Leanpay? What does the "Check your limit" button mean?

How can I check in advance if I would get a limit at Leanpay? What does the "Check your limit" button mean?

The registration process takes only a few minutes and does not require any documentation, just enter some information. I start it:

  • with the "Check your limit" button here on the Leanpay website, but I can find it on many websites of traders working with Leanpay, or

  • by scanning QR codes here, online, or on printed Leanpay materials - leaflets, posters, price tickets - in physical shops offering Leanpay.



When I register and start using the service, I understand that all Leanpay services are subject to the General Terms of Use of Leanpay Services and the Privacy Policy.

In case I am not yet a registered Leanpay user, I will be asked, as part of the procedure, to provide the necessary registration information - personal and financial information - and to set a personal security code (PIN) that I must remember for future use. I need to give you complete and factual information. To register and perform the Service Check my limit I must agree to the General Terms and Conditions and Leanpay Privacy Policy.

What do I gain?

  • As I will have information on how much the limit would potentially amount, I will be able to plan my finances much better in connection with a significant major purchase.
  • Leanpay will store the information I enter in connection with my phone number, and when I want to make a real purchase on meals, online, or in a physical store, I won't have to re-enter the data.
  • Because I have provided accurate information and if they do not change until the real purchase is made (in the event of a change, I can provide Leanpay with the latest information - see below) when Leanpay has finally verified them, my purchase in installments will be approved with high probability. So, if I shop in a physical store, I can always avoid an awkward situation with a rejected limit.



The information limit I obtain in this procedure is based only on the data I provide as a user.

For limit information to be useful, I need to enter full real personal and financial information, as this is the only way to make the right judgment and personally guide the potential limit for payments in installments. Leanpay does not check any external sources or databases in this process.

If I complete the registration process and Check my limit, Leanpay will only show me an informational limit for payments in installments. This limit for Leanpay is not binding, as Leanpay must assess each actual purchase by paying in installments separately from the point of view of respect for my respectable creditworthiness and can either approve or reject any application under its credit-granting policy.

Based on the real data provided, you will receive an informative (non-binding) calculation of your creditworthiness (the limit for payments in installments). The calculation will be carried out using the same methodology as that applied for installment and should give the same results as in the case of your installment application. Leanpay shall use the data obtained during the registration process to assess the potential limit, namely:

  • certain data as a basis for calculating the amount of the monthly and the total limit,
  • other data than the elimination criterion for potentially enabling the limit (Leanpay checks if you have provided data that meets the requirements for the provision of Leanpay services).

Leanpay carries out actual data controls and a creditworthiness assessment only in the event (then always) that, using Leanpay services in the store and when purchasing a product or service in a specific way, I ask for payment on meals with Leanpay.

If my personal or financial information changes, I am obliged to provide Leanpay with the latest information, which I can do through my Leanpay portal or, if this is not possible for some type of information, by e-mail at